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This image of Caley Alyssa Yavorsky, yogi supreme, in an incredible backbend yoga pose has been seared into my brain since I came across it in Self magazine last summer. I think it’s a jaw-dropping image of beauty and strength, and I find it majorly inspiring. So much so that I may or may not have nabbed the pic as my avatar image on my MindBody app log-in. It’s all about visualization, people! Am I anywhere near as flexible? Hells no. But I’m working on it, and have been committed to hot yoga for the past few years. I remember thinking “I’ve never sweated this much in my life, I love it!” during the very first class I tried. Now it’s all I do in terms of a workout and I can’t imagine life without it. Going to class and sweating to death keeps me sane and kicks my butt. Every. Single. Time. At the beginning of November I decided to embark on a 30-day yoga challenge, which, no surprise, is an attempt to hit the mat every day for a month. It had been a couple of years since I did one and I needed something to focus on to ward off the doom of winter. Plus, November seemed like perfect timing: prior to December’s packed social calendar (what, I’m popular!) and before January when classes get crammed with everyone and their mother who takes on the activity as a New’s Years Resolution. I was on a solid two-week streak when I had to call it quits due to an unexpected trip out of town, but it was great while it lasted. Getting to a class became a daily obsession, it was non-negotiable regardless of how ‘busy’ my day appeared. And by Day 4 I felt like a super star, it was a real look-what-I-can-do! high. So, as motivation to get at it again I’ve compiled a shopping wish list of stylish yoga wear updates, a dream wardrobe if you will, plus bonus item essentials I use on the regular.

  • For me it all starts with a cute sports bra. I like bright colours because they’re pretty and practical, i.e. easy to spot in a pile of laundry when I’m running late to class. This amazing geometric find is from Alo Yoga
  • Cropped leggings are my preferred style of yoga pants and these ones from Old Navy are a long time fave. They contain some technical magic that makes legs look fantastic, they’re super comfy and stand up to multiple washings no problem.
  • When you’re catching a glance of yourself at your most drenched you might as well be wearing a sexy tank top, right? Michi, a Canadian company, offers some of the best on the market.
  • Vega Pre-Workout Energizer is a plant-based powder that you mix with water to achieve a pre-class boost. I refer to it as my Go-Go Juice, sipping it on the way to studio. I stock up on the sugar-free version in Acai Berry, which is the superior flavour in my opinion.
  • In hot yoga, the last thing I need/want is trickles of perspiration messing with my focus, literally. I’ve found a headband or lack thereof can make or break my ability to enjoy a class. Wide styles, like this one from Hyba, are ideal.
  • My ultimate outfit for running to and fro class is built around elevated comfy separates. Thanks to the athleisure trend there’s no shortage of options for cute, slim cut joggers, like these from Joe Fresh, and sweatshirts that have come a loooong way since my tweenage Cotton Ginny-lovin’ days. Try Gap for similar quilted beauties.

Coat Check

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Winter is legit coming, which means the time is now to secure yourself a super chic coat. My advice when it comes to outerwear? Embrace a print, shake things up with a bit of sparkle or leather details, get wrapped up in a fluffy texture or try a surprising colour. Basically, anything but basic black is the way to go.

Coat Check story, as seen in 1968 Magazine

Photography, Alvaro Goveia

Makeup and hair, Jukka

Model, Karis at Elmer Olsen Models

Styling, me

Slough Call

A key component of my skin care routine strongly disagrees with a certain TLC anthem, because, yes, I DO want some scrubs! I especially want them on my face. At this stage in the age game I can’t imagine trying to keep my mug in top form without exfoliating on a regular basis to encourage dead skin cells to move along, minimize my chief nemeses (aka acne scars and hyperpigmentation, grr) and to achieve something resembling glowing skin. As we head into the bosom of cold weather, which is when I really step up my sloughing game, I thought I’d share my top three faves.

  1.  My longest love affair has been with NeoStrata Skin Resurfacing Duo, a two-step crystalline scrub and liquid activator system. It’s my go-to when I want to banish dull skin and basically get a new face. After all these years it never disappoints me, delivering maximum radiance while smoothing skin to baby soft status.
  2. Holding steady on the gentler end of the sloughing scale and perfect for daily use, IMO, is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. The rice-based powder transforms into a paste with a few drops of water to create a just-right polisher.
  3. The newest addition to my exfoliation nation is Vasanti Brighten Up! It’s an enzyme-rich grainy formula that I use for weekly buffing, either as a spot treatment or for quickie-style pampering (which means I leave it on for a few minutes in the shower). Bonus points: it’s made by a female-founded Canadian company and the large tube lasts forever.

What exfoliators do you swear by?

Sweater Weather


Best Health Oct 2015 Look 2Best Health Oct 2015 Look 3Best Health Oct 2015 Look 4

I don’t know about you, but getting ready to face chilly weather takes both mental and sartorial prep on my part. I need to take my winter coat to the dry cleaner, see if any pairs of boots could use a cobblin’ and pull out all those heavy layers I’ve stowed away since spring. And assembling pieces I love to wear is mandatory because long and dark is just how Canadian winters like to roll. If you’re not able to bundle up in items you adore you’re doomed. Knits obviously play a big role here, which makes this the perfect time to re-visit a few of my favourite looks from the Best Health October 2015 issue. Any of these plush pieces would be a warm welcome on a frosty day.

Art Direction by Jackie Shipley

Photography by Genevieve Charbonneau

Makeup and Hair by Cia Mandarello

Styling by me

Look 1: Cardigan, Line. Dress, Winners. Scarf, Marshalls. Belt, Stylist’s Own.

Look 2: Sweater dress, Banana Republic. Scarf, Wilfred. Socks, Roots.

Boots, Hunter.

Look 3: Sweater, Club Monaco. Skirt, GAP. Poncho, Babaton.

Look 4: Pullover, Melow par Melissa Buldoc. Leggings, and wristlets,

The Cashmere Shop

Curves Ahead

Back in May, I was whisked away to Brooklyn on behalf of Addition Elle to cover a story about their collaboration with Insta-star and plus-size model Nadia Aboulhosn. Not only is she drop dead stunning, but her forthcoming attitude is nothing but refreshing and her ambition and drive is incredibly inspiring. This girl is the definition of a strong work ethic. Oh, and, after dining a table away from an A-list celeb, she’s down to earth enough to offer you a ride back to your hotel. NBD. Basically everything about the experience was cool, from being on set in the cavernous Brooklyn Army Terminal, to seeing her werk it for the camera in pieces she designed for Addition Elle’s Love & Legend line. My faves include the gotta-have-it fuzzy cardigan and sultry black trench dress below. Nadia is in Toronto today, like now, so run don’t walk to the flagship Addition Elle store on Yonge St. to scoop up some edgy-chic fall updates and score some face time with the young woman who is going everywhere fast.

Wrap Party

Black Magic












It’s Hammer Time

Hands down, the ring shown on my middle finger has gotten more compliments than anything else I’ve ever worn. I wear it daily, along with a group of other gold bands that I’ve picked up on various travels over the past few years but nothing seems to catch people’s eye as much as that wee hammered stack. While it looks totally ‘now’ I received it well over a decade ago from one of my most beloved and bejewelled aunts. It was part of a set with matching stud earrings, and I didn’t love either at the time so I instantly tucked them away. Why wasn’t I swooning? I was heavy into my silver jewelry phase back then, and gold just seemed, well, dated. Oh, how the tides have turned. I still own and wear my fair share of silver jewelry (and I’ll swing both ways, wearing them together because, yes, you can and should mix your metals) but now I can’t get enough of lil’ golden goodies. Dainty trinkets have a funny way of instantly going with everything and can be piled on, layered together or worn solo depending on my mood/look/how late I’m running. It’s a small addiction that could easily become a serious problem because we are at the height of gold jewelry coveting. Thanks to trend-setting destinations, SO to Catbird, molten bands in particular are everywhere and shows no signs of disappearing anywhere soon. Which brings us to a slideshow of a few hammered rings that I consider to be in keeping with my own crowd pleaser. Whether you’re looking to splurge or save, there’s a golden nugget to satisfy any craving. What jewelry can you not get enough of these days? Are you dedicated to gold, committed to silver or happy to mix it up? And have you ever un-earthed some long forgotten gem from your jewelry box that you thought you were so over only to find it suddenly looks so right? #hoardingpaysoff

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Happy Shopping!

  1. Belcho Oval Hammered Ring, USD $40
  2. Ann Taylor Hammered Pave Stackable Ring Set, $50
  3. Chloe ‘Djill’ Gold Tone Disc Ring, USD $345
  4. Another Feather Cuff Ring, USD $88
  5. Jules Smith Hammered Swirl Cage Ring, $60
  6. Ippolita ‘Glamazon’ Dome Ring, $1900
  7. Gorjana ‘Camila’ Hammered Ring Set, $55

And the winner is…

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 7.29.12 PMInternational runways aside, the red carpet watch during awards season that kicks off every year and culminates with the Academy Awards is essential viewing for any fashion follower. Whether it’s documenting a fashion veteran like Julianne Moore push the envelope or witnessing a new style star be born, as was the case with Lupita Nyong’o in 2014, covering celebrity style is anything but boring. Even when it’s bad, it’s all good fun. Here’s a look at my top picks from the 2015 Golden Globes which appeared in Cineplex Magazine.