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It’s Hammer Time

Hands down, the ring shown on my middle finger has gotten more compliments than anything else I’ve ever worn. I wear it daily, along with a group of other gold bands that I’ve picked up on various travels over the past few years but nothing seems to catch people’s eye as much as that wee hammered stack. While it looks totally ‘now’ I received it well over a decade ago from one of my most beloved and bejewelled aunts. It was part of a set with matching stud earrings, and I didn’t love either at the time so I instantly tucked them away. Why wasn’t I swooning? I was heavy into my silver jewelry phase back then, and gold just seemed, well, dated. Oh, how the tides have turned. I still own and wear my fair share of silver jewelry (and I’ll swing both ways, wearing them together because, yes, you can and should mix your metals) but now I can’t get enough of lil’ golden goodies. Dainty trinkets have a funny way of instantly going with everything and can be piled on, layered together or worn solo depending on my mood/look/how late I’m running. It’s a small addiction that could easily become a serious problem because we are at the height of gold jewelry coveting. Thanks to trend-setting destinations, SO to Catbird, molten bands in particular are everywhere and shows no signs of disappearing anywhere soon. Which brings us to a slideshow of a few hammered rings that I consider to be in keeping with my own crowd pleaser. Whether you’re looking to splurge or save, there’s a golden nugget to satisfy any craving. What jewelry can you not get enough of these days? Are you dedicated to gold, committed to silver or happy to mix it up? And have you ever un-earthed some long forgotten gem from your jewelry box that you thought you were so over only to find it suddenly looks so right? #hoardingpaysoff

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Happy Shopping!

  1. Belcho Oval Hammered Ring, USD $40
  2. Ann Taylor Hammered Pave Stackable Ring Set, $50
  3. Chloe ‘Djill’ Gold Tone Disc Ring, USD $345
  4. Another Feather Cuff Ring, USD $88
  5. Jules Smith Hammered Swirl Cage Ring, $60
  6. Ippolita ‘Glamazon’ Dome Ring, $1900
  7. Gorjana ‘Camila’ Hammered Ring Set, $55

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