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This image of Caley Alyssa Yavorsky, yogi supreme, in an incredible backbend yoga pose has been seared into my brain since I came across it in Self magazine last summer. I think it’s a jaw-dropping image of beauty and strength, and I find it majorly inspiring. So much so that I may or may not have nabbed the pic as my avatar image on my MindBody app log-in. It’s all about visualization, people! Am I anywhere near as flexible? Hells no. But I’m working on it, and have been committed to hot yoga for the past few years. I remember thinking “I’ve never sweated this much in my life, I love it!” during the very first class I tried. Now it’s all I do in terms of a workout and I can’t imagine life without it. Going to class and sweating to death keeps me sane and kicks my butt. Every. Single. Time. At the beginning of November I decided to embark on a 30-day yoga challenge, which, no surprise, is an attempt to hit the mat every day for a month. It had been a couple of years since I did one and I needed something to focus on to ward off the doom of winter. Plus, November seemed like perfect timing: prior to December’s packed social calendar (what, I’m popular!) and before January when classes get crammed with everyone and their mother who takes on the activity as a New’s Years Resolution. I was on a solid two-week streak when I had to call it quits due to an unexpected trip out of town, but it was great while it lasted. Getting to a class became a daily obsession, it was non-negotiable regardless of how ‘busy’ my day appeared. And by Day 4 I felt like a super star, it was a real look-what-I-can-do! high. So, as motivation to get at it again I’ve compiled a shopping wish list of stylish yoga wear updates, a dream wardrobe if you will, plus bonus item essentials I use on the regular.

  • For me it all starts with a cute sports bra. I like bright colours because they’re pretty and practical, i.e. easy to spot in a pile of laundry when I’m running late to class. This amazing geometric find is from Alo Yoga
  • Cropped leggings are my preferred style of yoga pants and these ones from Old Navy are a long time fave. They contain some technical magic that makes legs look fantastic, they’re super comfy and stand up to multiple washings no problem.
  • When you’re catching a glance of yourself at your most drenched you might as well be wearing a sexy tank top, right? Michi, a Canadian company, offers some of the best on the market.
  • Vega Pre-Workout Energizer is a plant-based powder that you mix with water to achieve a pre-class boost. I refer to it as my Go-Go Juice, sipping it on the way to studio. I stock up on the sugar-free version in Acai Berry, which is the superior flavour in my opinion.
  • In hot yoga, the last thing I need/want is trickles of perspiration messing with my focus, literally. I’ve found a headband or lack thereof can make or break my ability to enjoy a class. Wide styles, like this one from Hyba, are ideal.
  • My ultimate outfit for running to and fro class is built around elevated comfy separates. Thanks to the athleisure trend there’s no shortage of options for cute, slim cut joggers, like these from Joe Fresh, and sweatshirts that have come a loooong way since my tweenage Cotton Ginny-lovin’ days. Try Gap for similar quilted beauties.

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